RatFish studios


Today we focus on Entertainment assets and new game titles. We are always seeking expert and new developers and engineers as well as well rounded artists that seek not only a stepping block into the game development life style but also a reference from game developer veterans. We want to make cool things and have a hoot doing it. Our group has been together since 2002 and is always seeking to grow.

Ratfish Studios Founded in 2012.


Kirk Longendyke (P)
Creative Director

Kirk leads the creative process of the company’s projects. He is involved in all design aspects of the company’s games and is heavily involved in the design and art creation process.

Brian Roberts (VP)
VP – Engineering Technology

Brian leads up our engineering department and oversees all code direction and managements. Along with other responsibilities Brian maintains a high presents in all of our PR and community. He is active on many code development forums and available via IRC in many game entertainment development community’s.

Andrew Robinson (VPA)
Art Director

Andrew leads the art direction along with design and other duties. His active development and management concepts are above most in the industry when it comes to quality over quantity. You can find Andrew all over the net in talks about 3D design and pipeline developments.

Mario Lombardi (Music Director)
Composer Sound

Games sound lab. His main expertise is level compositions and creating quality entertainment music scores in many different styles. He puts up with the 3 guys above.

Kristin Turo Sound Design Engineer
Sound design and scripts, creating our sound effects and environmental sound design for our games and putting up with a bunch of weird guys.

Aymeric Ingret (Concept Artist)

His main expertise is conceptual art and creating high quality visualizations from current art style builds.


Corey Tardiff (SE)

Games sound lab. His main expertise is sound design creating our sound effects and sound design for our games.

Leigh Talbott (ED)

Games environment lab. Her expertise is in the layout and design of our games with level creation and key points of flow and visual player direction.